Hello Chaps!

Ok so I’ve been mulling over the old Heist after chatting to you guys, and have come up with the Character options;

  • Start at character level 8
  • 82 Point buy for attributes, obviously you’ll get 2 more points for levels 4 & 8 so essentially it’s an 84 point buy.
  • Any Material Race is allowed to an extent, has to be able to live in a city without drawing too much attention, eg a Zombie character is probably not going to work but a Half-Orc, whilst rare, isn’t so outlandish as to be outlawed.
  • If you take a Level Adjustment template, you’ll be starting at a lower level, eg take a Minotaur template at LA +2, you’ll start the campaign at level 6.
  • Any class/Prestige class mix, I’m relaxing the mandatory Rogue levels HOWEVER you must be able to explain why your character would be recruited for a High-Level heist, Goody Two-Shoes the Paladin with no sneak or dex will not be appearing as a PC in this story.


  • Any alignment, same applies as class though. If you’re Lawful Good you’re going to have to justify why you’ve been picked to commit a crime. Similarly you have to be able to live in a city, so Chaotic Evil will again have to explain why they’re in a Heist.
  • Starting Gold of 6000. Very low I know but I want your skills and abilities to be the reason you were recruited, not a fancy bit of gear. You will have shopping time once the game begins :)
  • Lastly, tough call but I’ll leave it to you to decide if you want to be super specialised or a jack-of-all-trades. Its also up to you guys how much you want to organise within the party to divide up roles.